• Donald Demonstrates

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    DJW is embracing technology and will continue to demonstrate online the wide range of art topics, techniques and tricks he has amassed over 40 years as a full-time artist. Suitable for beginners through to the professional. All ages and abilities.

  • Lesson 1 - The Blank Canvas

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    WEDNESDAY 1st APRIL 10am-12:30pm
    1. Evolution a blank canvas - starting with black and white sketching. Art as a mindfulness practice. Turning creative writing into shapes and rotating the canvas. Adding white paint to contaminate charcoal and create a tonal range.

    Learn art skills that can be...

  • Lesson 2 - Composition

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    PUSHING THE BOUNDARIES! How far can you distort your reference material?Exploring compositional layout using various references. Using thumbnail sketching to plan your final composition. Rule of thirds, golden mean as a guideline. Traditional drawing to distorted impressionist drawing styles.


  • Lesson 3 - Adding Colour (Seal, Glaze & Scumble)

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    Lesson 3: 'THE EASY ONE' Preparation to paint using insider tricks to seal the black and white charcoal drawing ready to add colour! Glazing and Scumbling including the impermanence of colour selections (AKA changing your mind).

  • Lesson 4 - The Emotion of Colour

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    Exploring the psychology of colour and how to use it (along with line & stroke) to create emotion.

    "Colour comes in through our eyes but makes its way into our hearts" Karen Haller, The Little Book of Colour.

  • Lesson 5 - Creating Collections

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    The ultimate isolation art practice. Using items scrap items to create small collections for display whilst practicing your skills, experimenting with media, documenting ideas. Minimal cost, minimal mess, minimal pressure for maximum fun. Mindfulness practice.

  • Lesson 6 - Light (Highkey to Lowkey)

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    This lesson demonstrates working with light sources, high-key to low-key and changing direction. Light is an integral element in every art form (even music!) so this is a lesson not to be missed.

  • Lesson 7: Experimenting with Mother Colour

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    Experimenting with and using 'mother colours' to create colour plaining, contrast, emotion and drama in your artworks!

    Learn art skills that can be applied to all ages and levels (beginner to professional) with prominent contemporary artist and experienced art educator, Donald James Waters OAM; ...

  • Mixed Media - Acrylic & Inks

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    Donald demonstrates tips and techniques for creating a mixed media artwork.
    Donald uses pigmented inks and acrylic for this artwork. Donald also juxtaposes multiple references.

  • Lesson 8: Finding Your Style / Finalising Artworks

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    Want to know how to find your own style? Your own artistic identity? How to troubleshoot all of the elements to create a successful artwork?

    Level up at home- build on an existing skill or learn art skills that can be applied to all ages and levels (beginner to professional) with prominent cont...

  • Lesson 9: Fixing 'Failure'

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    Have you ever painted a crappy painting? I've painted heaps! Time to dust off those questionable creations to learn how to use 'old artworks' to create new masterpieces! And NO! I don't mean painting over it with gesso...

    Level up at home- build on an existing skill or learn art skills that can ...

  • Graphite Essentials

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    Introduction to graphite - which tools you need to get started, how they work and why. Experimenting with graphite and the beginning of still life drawing.

  • Pen & Wash Series: Introduction to Pen Work

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    First episode as part of Pen & Wash series introducing 'Pen Work' AKA drawing with a pen. Fantastic for anyone and everyone. Low cost, low mess, no special skill required and a great mindfullness exercise. Enjoy!

  • Pen & Wash Series: Part II

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    Second installment in Pen & Wash series.
    Creating freedom through 'washing' first and following up with penwork (taught in Introduction to Penwork). Shows wash and pen effects with multiple media ie. watercolour, inks, waterproof felt tip pen, biro.

  • Acrylics - Creating Texture

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    Using modelling compound and gel to create a heavily textured acrylic artwork with depth.

  • Coloured Inks
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    Coloured Inks

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    Donald demonstrates tips and techniques for using coloured inks.
    Donald uses pigmented inks, water, masking fluid on watercolour paper.

  • Acrylics - Masking Fluid

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    Insider tips and tricks to creating stunning effects with acrylic glazing and masking fluid.

  • Abstractionism: A 'Traditional' Approach

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    How to approach the composition of an abstract artwork using traditional references. Working from a traditional sketch to a semi-abstract sketch through to total abstractionism.

  • Traditional Composition from Abstract Beginnings

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    Creating an abstract scape using colour and emotion. Selecting and juxtaposing traditional content onto abstract composition.

  • Different Skies - Setting the Scene

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    Setting the scene through changing the sky. Emotion of colour and stroke.
    4 examples of the same setting.

  • Glazing in White - Misty Mornings

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    Creating a composition from a B&W reference, setting the scene, creating a narrative - using white glaze to create, mist, smoke and to tone palette. An effective technique to have in your artist's toolkit.

  • Changing Compositions

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    Creating varied compositions with and without references to illicit different emotions or highlight a message. Thumbnail sketches: landscaoe V portrait, personality V presence, angles, contrast, etc.

  • Experimenting with Collage - Part I

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    Using paper, card stock, printed media, fabric, adhesives, gel and acrylic to create a spontaneous collage.

  • Experimenting with Collage - Part II

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    Creating a collage base, selecting and overlaying reference sketch. Applying acrylic and leaving collage exposed to create composition.

  • Oils Workshop- Part 1

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    Painting with oils, DJW style.
    Video 1: Scrubbing in basic content and colour planing in acrylic and building on top in oils. Landscape image with stormy sky.

  • Oils Workshop- Part 2

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    Painting with oils, DJW style.
    Video 2: Brushed oils using a flat mother colour, palette knife highlights to create textured areas. Rottnest Island cliffs.

  • Oils Workshop- Part 3

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    Painting with oils, DJW style.
    Video 3: Palette knife only oils. Hobart seascape.

  • Introductory Mini Lesson

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    5 minute at home drawing exercise suitable for everyone!
    Any age, any skill level.